Welcome to Aus Croc Souvenirs

Aus Croc Souvenirs are manufacturers of high quality crocodile products.

All our exotic products are handcrafted in Australia by our talented craftsmen who have decades of international experience working with crocodile leathers. We pride our craftsmanship not only with modern applications but also with old school traditional methods, ensuring our range remains as a true and traditional Iconic Australian product.

Crocodile leather is extremely durable, and as no two skins are alike and every hide has its own signature, each item you purchase is a one of a kind.

Browse through our online store to view our various crocodile items including belts, wallets, bags, hats and accessories as well as other leather products.

The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna

All our crocodile skins are obtained from CITES regulated farms.

Please contact us directly at auscrocsouvenirs@bigpond.com for wholesale enquires.


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