Leather Care


How to clean your leather hat:

  • Brush hat with soft brush to ensure the hat is free from all loose dirt
  • Use cold water, a wet sponge and saddle soap and work soap lather into hat
  • Wipe away soap and dirt with a clean sponge
  • Allow hat to dry away from direct sun light

To preserve the leather in your hat, care products can be purchased at your local shoe repair outlet or at saddlery shops.


  • Avoid exposing your crocodile leather piece to direct sunlight and rain or any other constant source of water
  • Avoid cleaning your crocodile item with harsh chemicals
  • Clean the item with a slightly damp soft cloth.
  •  Dry away from direct sunlight.
  • To condition your crocodile item, apply a light coating of extra fine beeswax. Gently rub into leather and then lightly buff off.